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Wooden Coasters Designed by Japanese Calligraphy Artist


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Wooden Coasters Designed by Japanese Calligraphy Artist


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Wooden coasters made with natural woods from Kumakogen, Ehime prefecture
and designed by a calligraphy artist.

In hopes of helping others connect with each other,
five different words of gratitude and celebration are designed on the coasters.

Each word is engraved by local craftsmen of Ehime prefecture using a laser.
Enjoy the natural characteristics of wood, the aroma of forests and the texture that varies by the product.

■Set Includes: Wooden Coasters Set of 5 (with different words), Wooden Box
■Choose a set from the "Size" drop-down menu.
1. Gratitude <ありがとう(Thank you)・感謝 (Gratitude)・信頼 (Trust)・心を込めて (Wholeheartedly)・Thank you> 
2. Encouragement <自分らしく (Be Yourself)・いつもそばにいるよ (Always Be There For You)・おつかれさま (Good Job)・GoodLuck・大丈夫! (Everything's OKay)>
3. One Letter Kanji <絆 (Bond)・笑 (Laugh)・楽 (Fun)・夢 (Dream)・幸 (Happiness)>
4. Passio <愛してる (I Love You)・好きです (I'm Into You)・Love you・DAISUKI・めっちゃすきなんよ (Love You Lots)>
5. Celebration <おめでとう (Congratulations)・祝 (Celebration)・笑顔咲く(Bright Smile)・輝ける未来へ (Bright Future)・Great!>
【Coaster】approx. D5cm x H0.7cm 
【Box】approx. L11cm x W11cm x H4.5cm 
■Material: Natural Wood
■Made in Ehime
■Manufacturer: merrymaker LLC
■Weight (g) (Product Only): 100 (20g x 5)
■Weight (g) (Including Packaging): 150
*Since the coasters are not painted or coated, the temperature or humidity might affect the surface. 
 If the coaster becomes unleveled, apply water to the affected area and leave the coaster with that side down.
*If the coaster comes in contact with moisture, pat off with a clean cloth and dry it without exposing it to the sunlight.

Item No. V06140XXX028

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