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Mt. Fuji Glass Set with Edo Inden Coaster - Hemp Leaf 〈Wooden Box〉

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Tajima Glass


Mt. Fuji Glass Set with Edo Inden Coaster - Hemp Leaf 〈Wooden Box〉


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This set comes with Mt. Fuji glass which is made with "Edo Glass",

the glassware manufacturing method passed down from the Edo era,

and a coaster of "Inden", a traditional craft that draws patterns on deerskin with lacquer.


"Edo Glass" was developed as a local industry in Tokyo.

The glasses are designed and handmade one by one, making them distinguished from

mass-produced glassware in terms of tastefulness and sophistication.


The shape of Mt. Fuji is carved on the bottom of the glass,

which reflects the drink you pour in.


The Inden coaster is made by the Inden specialty shop, "Maekawa Inden" in Asakusa,

which is known for their innovative approach while preserving the tradition.

In making the coaster, the artisans contributed their skills to all the processes.


Enjoy these two world-class Japanese traditional crafts.

Since this set comes in a wooden box, it will make a great gift.


Coaster Pattern: Hemp Leaf


■Set Includes:

Mt. Fuji Glass Hemp Leaf (Tajima Glass)

Edo Inden Coaster (Maekawa Inden) Black × Beige

*One each



【Mt. Fuji Glass】 Diameter: approx. 9.2 cm, Height: approx.9.5 cm/ 270 ml

【Coaster】 approx. 10 cm x 10 cm


【Mt. Fuji Glass】 Glass

【Coaster】 Deerskin

■Made in Tokyo

■Brand: Tajima Glass

■Manufacturer: Tajima Glass

■Weight (g) (Product Only): 440

■Weight (g) (Including Packaging): 550

■Caution: Because of the leather's sensitive feature, it'd be best to

avoid leaving the coaster wet for a long time

#Rocks Glass

Item No. V05278999028

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Mt. Fuji Glass Set with Edo Inden Coaster - Hemp Leaf 〈Wooden Box〉 5

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