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Kenchakan Kagoshima Burdock Tea (12teabags)

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Kenchakan Kagoshima Burdock Tea (12teabags)


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Burdock tea is known to improve metabolism, reduce constipation, and have anti-aging effects. This 100% burdock tea is made by roasting Kagoshima burdocks. We used a special cutting method so that the rich toasty flavor, as well as the nutritions comes out effectively. 

■ Contents : 1.5 g x 12 bags

■ Country of origin: Japan

■ How to drink

Using a teapot: (1)Put one teabag and 400cc of hot water in a teapot, and leave for about 3 minutes. The tea bag can be used for 2~3 times.

Using a pot: (1) Put one tea bag into 1L of boiling water. Turn the heat off and take the tea bag out after about 3 minutes of boiling. Transfer into a container and cool in the fridge

Using cold water: (1) Put one teabag and 500cc of cold water in a container and cool in the fridge for 1-2 hours (2) When the tea becomes your preferred taste, shake the container well and take out the teabag (consume the tea within a day). 

■ Precautions: (1) Beware of burns when making tea. (2)Do not worry if a film of oil floats up; this is a natural mineral of tea. (3) When put in hot water, the polyphenols may create a reaction and change the color of the tea. Do not worry as this does not affect the quality/taste of tea.

■ Storing: Avoid direct sunlight, heat, and humidity. 

■ Manufacturer: KAJISHOUTEN Co., Ltd.

Item No. V01539999028
Jan: 4972455066688

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Kenchakan Kagoshima Burdock Tea (12teabags) 3

Post date 10/06/2019 Monday

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Sealed in a single package, it is easy to brew and easy to clean. The elegant fragrance is not too rich in the smell of burdock, which makes people feel easy to accept.

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