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[hatsutoki] Double-Faced Panel Shawl Blue


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[hatsutoki] Double-Faced Panel Shawl Blue


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Beautiful cotton shawl with overlapping colored threads in panel pattern. Double-faced fabric with appealing smooth texture. Woven with special technique to create a gauze-like air layer for a soft, melting texture. Made from premium cotton from Egypt and woven by master weavers in the Banshu-ori production region of Hyogo Prefecture. Silk-like delicacy and pliancy combined with the simplicity and lightness of cotton will make your everyday special. 

Material: 100% cotton

Size: L (110 x 180 cm)

Weight (g) (product only): 125 g

Weight (g) (with packaging): 127 g

Made in: Hyogo Prefecture

Brand: hatsutoki


-This product is made of a delicate material with a special texture. Applying excessive force may rip seams or cause thread breakage. Take care not to apply force when washing, putting on, or taking off.

-Treat with care to avoid catching on accessories, fingernails, or sharp objects.

-Hand wash. Do not tumble dry.


Mono wo Tsukuru toiu Koto

Item No. V04099999028

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