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Canned,Retort food

Fisherman's Meal from Akkeshi (Takikomi Gohan Mix)・Pacific Saury


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Akkeshi Fishery Cooperative Association

Canned,Retort food

Fisherman's Meal from Akkeshi (Takikomi Gohan Mix)・Pacific Saury


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This is a Takikomi Gohan Mix (Japanese style seasoned rice with various ingredients) sumptuously used vegetables and "Pacific saury" caught at Akkeshi, Hokkaido which produces fresh seafood in abundance. You can enjoy fishermen's meal at home by just adding the mix when cooking rice. It is very easy to serve which can be a time-saving meal for busy days. Enjoy the rich flavored Takikomi Gohan which is from fishermen's village.


Ingredients: Pacific savory (Akkeshi, Hokkaido), vegetables (carrot, bamboo shoot),  fermented seasoning, sugar, soy sauce, soybeans hydrolyzed protein, refined sake, salt, dried shiitake mushroom, spices, yeast extract/caramel pigment, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), (soybeans are partially contained for the ingredients)


Content: 200 g

Weight (incl. packaging): 246 g

Place of origin: Japan

How to serve: Just add this mix when cooking rice

1.Rinse 2 cups of rice, and measure water for the same amount when cooking white rice.

2.Add Takikomi Gohan Mix on top of rinsed rice.

3.When rice is cooked, mix rice and the ingredients.


Cooking instruction may be different depending on the rice cooker. Follow the manual of your rice cooker.

To preserve the quality, use the mix immediately after opening the package. Also, do not set a timer to cook.

If you cook pre-washed rice, soak it for a while not to leave a hardcore at the center of the rice grain.

Be careful with small fish bones which may rarely be contained.

How to store: Avoid direct sunlight, and store at a cool place.


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Item No. V04601999028

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