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Silk and Charcoal Leg Warmers Gray


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Ascam Corporation


Silk and Charcoal Leg Warmers Gray


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A warm leg warmer with a (patented) double structure of silk (inside) and cotton (outside). Ceramic charcoal (produced in Shizuoka)  is applied to the silk surface so that it traps the body heat inside. Feel the warmth of silk and charcoal. This product is “Rin crossing” certified.
Color: Grey 

[kinokoto]  it is a brand that advocates a functional and environment-sensitive lifestyle, valuing “human feelings" and "trees". What we are aiming for is a lifestyle that works for both humans and the forests. 

For 15 years, we have used natural materials including wood, silk, cotton and leather, as well as “ceramic charcoal" that we produce, to make products that are human- and environment-friendly. Everything is "Made in Japan", because we value the feelings of Japanese people and the culture of making things.

 ■ Size details (mm): Approximate circumstance: 16 ~ 43 cm Length: 38 cm 

■ Weight (item only) [g]: 100 

■ Weight (including packing materials) [g]: 110 

■ Materials / Ingredients: 

Inside: 100% silk, Ceramic cloth

Outer coat: 100% cotton

Rubber part connecting the silk and cotton: polyester, polyurethane 

■ Made in Shizuoka 

■ Brand name: kinokoto 

■ [How to use] Wear these leg warmers after taking a warm shower or bath. [How to wash] Hand wash, or put in a net and wash in a washing machine. Please use neutral detergents. Please do not put in microwave oven. 

■ Other: Do not microwave. If we are out of stock, it may take a while for the product to arrive, as we will start making the product after we receive your order. 

Item No. V02319999028

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