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  9. Mini Jewelry Hanger Stand/Brown

Home décor

Mini Jewelry Hanger Stand/Brown


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Home décor

Mini Jewelry Hanger Stand/Brown


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NOTE: This product is for international buyers.

Not for sale in Japan.

Just like how we use hangers for clothes, why not make hangers for jewelry?


That's what led us to make these miniature hangers for jewelry organizing.


Tiny hooks are attached to each hanger to keep the jewelry in place.

Earrings can be hung without falling off the hanger.


The color is walnut (brown).

We also have tamo (white).


【About the creator】

We're FABRiCA from "fab lab shop" in Hyogo, Japan!

Our shop creates items using cutting edge technology such as laser cutting, milling and 3D printers.

We mainly use brass and wood, and we are hoping to create something innovative and original using the ideas

only we, at the FABRiCA can come up with.


■Color: Brown

■Set Includes: Original Case x 1, Hanger Rack x 1, Hanger x 12

■Size: H15 cm x W15 cm x D5 cm (Hanger Rack)

■Material: Iron, Wood, Rubber


■Made in Hyogo

■Brand: FABRiCA by KOUsLicer

■Manufacturer: minne

■Weight (g) (Product Only): approx. 150

■Weight (g) (Including Packaging): approx. 200


・Please note that the color and size differences are characteristics of wood materials.

・Please make sure the size/color is to your liking before making a purchase.

・Actualy products may vary in color.


This product is made of iron and it may become rusty with time and use.

You can remove the rust by proper cleaning.


【How To Remove Rust】

A. Use a toothbrush with a bit of water and toothpaste, brush the rust off.

B. Use a dry cloth with toilet cleaner, wipe the rusty surface.

C. Use rust eraser.


#jewelryorganizer #interiordecorations


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  ・ Japan

Item No. V05030999028
Jan: 4589946139112

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