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Raden Work Style designated magnifying glass Cat (2)


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Raden Work Style designated magnifying glass Cat (2)


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The character of a lovely cat on the decorated plate which is processed by Raden work style shines beautifully as rainbow-colored nacreous layer sparkling like the inside of the shells, and also the surrounding character glistens in seven colors like a jewel. This is a high quality magnifying glass with the bright built-in LED light. (3.5 magnifications)



Details of the size(mm): W4cmxH8cmxD1.2cm

Weight (only product) (g): 40

Weight (incl. package) (g): 50

Materials: lens: acrylic resin   body: ABS resin

Origin: Kyoto city, Kyoto

Name of the brand: Kirameki series

Precautions for handling: please wipe off with a soft cloth to clean. If it is too dirty, use a soft damped cloth. (use water only) Please be careful when cleaning the lens. If you rub it too hard, it may be scratched.

Please do not look at the sun and strong light through the lens, or it may cause you ablepsia. Please do not leave it in places where are exposed to direct sunlight. If direct rays of the sun are gathered in one spot through the lens, there is a possibility to catch fire. The built in battery is a monitor battery.

Others: If this item is out of stock, it will be produced after we receive orders. It may take some time for you to receive depending on the merchandise.

Manufacturer: P-office

Item No. V02198999028
Jan: 4573215530267

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