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Rice, Bread, Noodle

Yanagawa Unagi Ramen (Box)


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Rice, Bread, Noodle

Yanagawa Unagi Ramen (Box)


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Riverside district Yanagawa is a castle town known as the leading production area of eels in Kyushu, and it is told that 1 million eels are consumed per year.  The Unagi ramen has a soup with a brand new taste with grilled eel flavor. The special noodles made of Ra-mugi (wheat made in Fukuoka especially for ramen noodles) have distinctive al dente texture, and this really is the industry’s first local instant ramen which is also the local ramen of Yanagawa.

Contents: 98g (noodles 78g) x 4 packages
Origin: Fukuoka Prefecture (wheat)
How to enjoy: Sprinkle with the included roasted sansho pepper and enjoy.    
Storage: Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.
Manufacturer: Yamahira


Item No. V00715999028

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