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  9. Hydrating SETOUCHI Herbal Toner

Skin care

Hydrating SETOUCHI Herbal Toner


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Skin care

Hydrating SETOUCHI Herbal Toner


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Moisturizing herbal toner formulated with bamboo.
Spray on your skin for a boost of hydration, you'll immediately feel the moisturizing effect.
Enjoy the refreshing scent of bamboo and the light touch, 
which is one of the reasons why it has received good reviews from both men and women.

【Making of Hydrating SETOUCHI Herbal Toner】
Fresh cut bamboo trees in Takehara City are sent to Kodera Herb Garden's Yumesaki facility 
within two days after the harvest and processed into bamboo powder.

There, the bamboo trees go through a fermentation process for a few days
using the trees' own lactic acid bacteria.  After the bamboo essence is extracted by water distillation, 
it gets blended with lemon myrtle water and German chamomile water.

The entire collection of Seto Series is made with bamboo extract, which leaves the skin soft and well-hydrated.
Takehara City in south Hiroshima is a serene fisherman's town, where the production of salt and 
sake-brewing flourished back in the Edo period. One step into this retro town of Takehara, 
where the old houses of wealthy merchants and historical temples remain, you'll feel like you've traveled back in time. 

With the goal of incorporating bamboo, the symbol of Takehara, into our daily life, 
SETOUCHI T&K HERB has collaborated with Kodera Herb Garden and they created the SETO Series.
Kodera Herb Garden, a renowned herb company established in Hyogo over 35 years ago
specializes in growing Japanese herbs, processing and analyzing them using special techniques. 

SETO Series is a collection of Japanese herbal skincare products that feature bamboo powder as a key ingredient.
Fresh cut bamboo trees are brought to Kodera Herb Garden's Yumesaki facility and processed into powder within two days after the harvest. 

All products are made with herbal ingredients distilled from fermented bamboo powder,
lemon myrtle water and German chamomile water.
And the soaps are formulated with bamboo charcoal, which is known for its antioxidant activity.
Every product is hand-made without using preservatives, additives or petroleum-based ingredients.

■Content: 100ml
■Ingredients: Lemon Myrtle Water (Made In Japan), Bamboo Water (Made In Japan), German Chamomile Water (Made In Japan)
■Name of Product (as listed in the License for Manufacturing and Distribution of Cosmetic Products): Hydrating SETOUCHI Herbal Toner
■Manufacturer: Kodera Herb Garden Co., Ltd.
■Product: Facial Toner
■Category: Cosmetic Products
■Brand:SETOUCHI T&K HERB Seto Series
■Made in Japan (Takehara City in Hiroshima, Himeji City in Hyogo)
■Weight (Including Packaging): 245g
■How to use:
・Spray onto your palms and apply to face/body. It'll be a great way to cool down your skin.
・You can spray it in your room as an air freshener. 
*The product lasts 2-3 months with the use of 2-3 spritzes every morning and night. 
・Discontinue using if any skin problems arise. 
・The effect of this product varies. 
・NO preservatives are used, please use as soon as possible once opened. 
【For Sensitive Skin】
The product is formulated with natural ingredients without the use of preservatives, additives or petroleum-based ingredients.
It can be safely used by those who have sensitive skin but we'd recommend using it on the soft skin areas besides the face such as inner arms to see your skin reaction first. 
■Shelf Life: One Year (use as soon as possible once opened)
■Storage: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature/humidity.

Item No. V05851999028
Jan: 4580299620555

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