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Home décor, household

MuGenAn Incense Burner


In Stock V04890999028
Art communication

Home décor, household

MuGenAn Incense Burner


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This is an incense burner of Bizenyaki which has a gradation of beautiful dark reddish-brown surface. Bizenyaki is one of the Six Old Kilns of Japanese ceramics from Bizen-city, Okayama. After the process of molding individually with high quality porcelain clay and drying, it is fired in a kiln without using glaze at high temperature for long time to make it extra strong. It is one of a kind art because of the special process. Long-time use gives an additional charm to the incense burner.


Materials: porcelain clay

Place of origin: Bizen, Japan

Name of brand: Bizenyaki

Manufacturer: Art communications Ltd.

Size Details: Width11.5 x Height11cm

Weight(g) (item only): 400

Weight(g) (incl. packaging): 700

Handling Caution:

Since Bizenyaki does not use glaze, the surface is not smooth.

Use a mat underneath, or it may cause scratches on the flower stand, shelf, table, and so on.


As all the Bizenyaki are hand-made, colors, sizes, and shapes may slightly differ.

Please wash wine cups, tea cups, and other tableware with water or lukewarm water before using.

Item No. V04890999028

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