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FURIKAKE for a special gift


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Mishima food


FURIKAKE for a special gift


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We packed 5 kinds of packet-typed Furikake sprinkle which is for a serving into a chic can. "Ume Furikake" holds plum and bonitos, "Seto flavor" combines much sesame with dried-bonito shaving, dried-sardine shaving and seaweed. "Sardine Furikake" contains high calcium. "Sesame Furikake" is well mixed dried-bonito, sardine shaving with black seaweed. Finally, "Yukari" is used red perilla picked carefully. 

This product is best for a gift.


■Ingredient: Ume Furikake : plum, Sesame, Dried-bonito shaving, Cornstarch, Sugar, Mashed potato, Salt, Black seaweed, Extract(yeast, sea cabbage), Glucose, Soy sauce, Plum vinegar, Sweet sake, Processing starch, Red yeast coloring, Malic acid, Antioxidant(Vitamin C, Vitamin E), Anthocyanin coloring,

Seto flavor : Sesame, Dried-sardine shaving, Sugar, Salt, Cornstarch, Dried-bonito shaving, Wheat embryos, Soy sauce, Black seaweed, Yeast extract, Sweet sake, powdery starch syrup, Dolomite, Green laver, Protein hydrolysate, Annatto pigment, Carotene pigment, Caramel coloring, Antioxidant(Vitamin C)

Sardine Furikake :  dried-sardine shaving, Sesame, Sugar, Milk calcium, Salt, Cornstarch, Soy sauce, Black seaweed, Yeast extract, Wheat embryos, Molokheiya powder, Sweet sake, Reduced starch syrup, Annatto pigment, Carotene pigment, Antioxidant(Vitamin C)

Sesame Furikake : Sesame, Sugar, Dried-bonito shaving, Salt, Soy sauce, Seaweed extract, Black seaweed, Milk calcium, Mashed potato, Cornstarch, Sweet sake, Pumpkin powder, Reduced starch syrup, Antioxidant(Vitamin E), Carotene pigment, Vitamin C

Yukari : Red perilla, Salt, Sugar, Seasoning(Amino acid and so on), Malic acid

■Contents: 110g

■Weight(g)(including packaging):350g

■Made in Japan

■Serving instruction:

・Sprinkle onto rice, pasta and salad.

・UME FURIKAKE (2.0g)×10 packets

・SETO flavor (2.0g)×10 packets

・Sardine FYRIKAKE(2.5g)×10 packets

・Sesame FURIKAKE(2.5g)×10 packets

・YUKARI(2.0g)×10 packets


・Finish as soon as possible once opened. The expiration date written on the product shows in the case of unopened.

■Storage instruction:  Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.

Item No. V04894999028

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